Dartmouth College Real Estate Office

Who Do I Contact For...

Upper Valley Rental List

  • Listing and General Questions
    e-Mail: Maura Clarke or phone (603) 646-2446

Graduate Student Rental Housing Assistance

Undergraduate Student Housing Assistance

Employee Rental Housing Assistance

For-Sale Housing Programs

  • Dartmouth Housing Sales
    e-mail: Jennifer Jones or phone (603) 646-2170
  • Dartmouth Mortgage Programs
    e-mail: Woody Simonds or phone (603) 646-9138

Real Property Transactions

  • Repurchase Options and Rights of First Refusal
    e-mail: Jennifer Jones or phone (603) 646-2170
  • Easements
    e-mail: Ellen Arnold or phone (603) 646-2654
  • Title Issues
    e-mail: Ellen Arnold or phone (603) 646-2654
  • Real Estate Gifts
    e-mail: Ellen Arnold or phone (603) 646-2654
  • Third Party Space Leased by Dartmouth
    e-mail: Kim Chewning or phone (603) 646-9926

Real Estate Investments

  • Hanover-area Acquisitions
    e-mail: Woody Simonds or phone (603) 646-9138
  • Real Estate Investments
    e-mail: Woody Simonds or phone (603) 646-9138

Property Management

  • Property Management Operations
    e-mail: Terry Impey or phone (603) 646-1476
  • Tenant Work Order Requests
    e-mail: Shelly Marquise or phone (603) 646-1276

Commercial Space Offered for Lease

Administrative Questions

  • Accounting and Billing
    e-mail: Nicole Bowen or phone (603) 646-3931
  • Office Scheduling
    e-mail: Maura Clarke or phone (603) 646-2446
  • General Questions
    e-mail: Maura Clarke or phone (603) 646-2446


Upper Valley Rental List

Upper Valley Home Sales

Dartmouth Tenants

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Holiday Closing

The Real Estate Office will be closed for the holidays from Tuesday, December 23, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. and will re-open Monday, January 5, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.  If you are a tenant with a work order emergency during the above timeframe, please call the Troubleshooters at 603-646-2344.  Happy holidays!



One male & two female bedrooms remain at North Park Street Graduate Housing.  Please call 603-646-2170 for details.


Policy Changes

Effective immediately, all new leases will require 90 days' notice from tenants who wish to vacate.  The security deposit for all Dartmouth-owned, off-campus rental properties will now be $750.  (This policy is not retroactive.)  Additionally, for those with permitted pets, there will now be a non-refundable $200 pet fee due at lease signing.  The monthly pet fee for the first pet will be $50/mo.  If you have a second pet, the fee for that pet will be $35/mo.

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