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Is there a waitlist?
No, there is not a waitlist.  You will need to moitor the website and self-selct a rental that fits your needs and timing.
You can search for one of Dartmouth’s 505 rental housing units online at Dartmouth Rentals. You can also search for a rental using Dartmouth’s Upper Valley Rental List, the region’s most comprehensive listing of third party-owned rental units.
After you complete your online search, you can select and reserve one of the listed Dartmouth-owned units by filling out an application, and paying a $50 non-refundable application fee.  To reserve a unit listed by a third-party landlord on the Upper Valley Rental List, you will need to contact the landlord directly.
The rental housing listed by Dartmouth online is continuously updated throughout the year, although traditionally the greatest number of units is added to the listing between April and June. You can search for Dartmouth rental housing at any time, and your search results will identify the date the unit is available.  Most of Dartmouth’s rental housing is available for application 60-90 days prior to the date of move in. 
Do the rental units contain lead paint?
In the U.S., any pre-1978 construction may contain lead paint.  Much of the College's residential rental inventory was constructed before 1978.  A lead paint disclosure and booklet concerning the dangers of lead paint will be provided with the leasing paperwork.
Priority for Dartmouth housing is first given to Dartmouth employees and graduate students, and some housing has been designated as either “graduate student housing” or “employee housing”. By identifying yourself, you will allow us to give you an accurate list of the apartments available to you. 
You will receive an email confirming that your application has been received, as soon as it is successfully submitted. Your application will be reviewed for approval on the first business day following receipt. Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirming email containing a copy of your lease agreement. You will then have 10 calendar days to sign the lease and to return it with a security deposit (equal to one month's rent) to the Dartmouth College Real Estate Office at 4 Currier Place, Suite 305, Hanover, NH, 03755. (Note that the signed lease cannot be returned or accepted via fax or email.)
You can request a copy of your lease after it has been received in our office, or when you pick up your keys.
After you reserve a unit, the unit will continue to be listed online, but will be marked as “lease pending”, and will not be able to be reserved by another party. If the signed lease and security deposit aren’t returned within the 10-day period, the unit will be re-posted online as available. The $50 application fee is not refunded.
Leases begin on the first day the apartment is available for move-in (not the date you move in, and not necessarily on the first day of the month.)
You can move in any time after the lease commencement. This date may not necessarily be the first day of the month.  The first month’s rent payment, full or pro-rated, is due on or before your move-in day.  
We ready the units for occupancy as quickly as possible after a move-out.  However, let us know if you need an earlier move-in date, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.
Yes, once the North Park Graduate Housing assignments are made, you will be notified via email as to who your roommates are along with their email addresses, so that you can contact them in advance.  This may not occur until some time in the summer.
The standard lease term is 12 months.  
Please check your lease.  If you are unclear, please contact the Real Estate Office to inquire if it is possible for you break your lease, and if so, the fee associated with breaking your lease.
A non-refundable application fee of $50 is due when you reserve Dartmouth rental housing. 
You will have 10 days to sign the lease and return it to our office along with a security deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent.) and the first month’s rent payment.
Rent is due on the first day of the month.  Per the lease, a 5% late fee will be assessed if the rent is recevied after the 5th of the month.
All leases require tenants to have renter's insurance. The Risk and Internal Controls Services office has worked with Dartmouth's insurance broker to provide support to campus constituencies in procuring insurance that meets the needs of Dartmouth College. Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents, and potential Campus Vendors and Contractors can obtain a quote and purchase insurance on-line easily and quickly by clicking here.  On average, an annual policy will cost ~$125/yr.
You may pay your security deposit with a check or money order. International graduate students may pay the security deposit with an international money order, travelers check, or bank check. We cannot accept a credit card or cash for the security deposit.
If you are a graduate student, rent will be billed to your student account on the first day of each month. If you are an employee, rent will be deducted from your paycheck. If you are a member of the general public, rent must be paid by check, money order, or credit card in the Real Estate Office on or before the first day of each month.
Tenants who rent a South Street apartment should make their checks payable to “South Street Downtown Holdings, Inc.”  All other tenants should make their checks payable to “Trustees of Dartmouth College.”
Dartmouth College Real Estate Office, 4 Currier Place, Suite 305, Hanover, NH, 03755. (Please be sure to note your name and unit address on the check.)
The Dartmouth College Real Estate Office is located on the third floor of 4 Currier Place building in downtown Hanover, across the street from the Town of Hanover Parking Garage. 
If you will be arriving on campus when the Real Estate Office is closed, please let us know in advance and we can arrange to leave your keys at Safety & Security for your convenience.  Safety & Security is located at 5 Rope Ferry Road in Hanover.  They are open 24 hours and reachable by phone at 603-646-4000.  Please plan on showing photo ID when picking up your keys.
A maximum of two pre-approved pets are permitted at select rentals.  The monthly pet rent is $50 per month for the first pet, and $35 per month for the second pet. 
All parking is located on site. If you are renting at South Street or a North Park Graduate Housing unit, parking must be reserved and rented separately and there will be an additional monthly fee for each space. All other units have one parking space included in the rental price. At the Park & Wheelock Complex (1 South Park St, 3 South Park St., 5 South Park St., 3 and 5 Valley Rd., 2,4,6 & 8 South Balch St., and 22, 26 & 28 East Wheelock St.) parking is provided for one car. 
Many of our apartments have easy access to public transportation. Our website includes a link to Advance Transit's transportation directory, with information on schedules, routes, and maps of service. There is no fee to ride Advacne Transit.
Yes, you may request extra keys for your unit. You will be responsible for all keys signed out in your name. Failure to return all metal keys will result in an additional charge to change all applicable locks upon move-out.  The fee to change a lock for metal keys lost is $150. 
You may come to the office during normal working hours to request a replacement key.  After hours, you will need to contact Safety & Security to gain access to your unit.  They may be reached at 603-646-4000. At move out, you will be billed to change the locks ($150) if the lost keys are not returned when you vacate.
If you are locked out during normal business hours, you may come to the Real Estate Office to sign out an additional key. If you are locked out after hours, please contact Safety & Security at 603-646-4000.
Click here to see a map showing the location of 5 Rope Ferry Road in Hanover. They are open 24 hours every day.
Yes, North Park Graduate Housing tenants may bring in their own furnishings. You are responsible for storing the leased furniture and must return the leased furniture to its original place upon move-out. You will be charged for any damages to the leased furniture.
Jiffy (a.k.a picture hooks) and self-adhesive hooks, that are removable, are permitted.  Hangers for shelves are not permitted.  All shelving is to be supported off the floor.
Employee residents may sublet their unit to Dartmouth College employees.  Graduate students may sublet to other Dartmouth College graduate students.  Please contact the Housing Office for the necessary sub-lease form.
After you move out of your unit, you must return all keys signed out in your name. An inspection of the unit will take place shortly after move out.  If there are no damages or outstanding charges and all of the keys are returned, the entire security deposit will be refunded to you.  You must provide the office with your forwarding address.
You will receive your security deposit refund within 30 days of your move-out date. It is important for you to notify us of your forwarding address when you turn in your unit keys for prompt delivery of your security deposit refund.
International students can have their security deposit refund mailed to a forwarding address or deposited into an American bank account.
Is smoking permitted?
Smoking is not permitted within Dartmouth-owned multi-family rentals, including but not limited to:  Sachem Village, North Park Street Graduate Housing, and South Street apartments.


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Dartmouth - Coldwell Banker - Relocation Assistance Program and Real Estate Advantage Program

The Dartmouth College Real Estate Office has partnered with Coldwell Banker to provide current Dartmouth faculty & staff and incoming new hires and recruits with a variety of services.  Services include assistance with buying or selling a home, help with household good shipments and moving coordination, and cash rebates on home purchases or sales.  Please contact Jennifer Bellows at jennifer.p.bellows@dartmouth.edu for more information.

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